Our Values

[line_heading] Music Reaches People [/line_heading]on a deep level and crosses all boundaries. When you combine great music with compelling stories and authentic messages, then you really have something people can connect to.

[line_heading] We Should Give Back [/line_heading]and so we partner with non-profits, churches, and “non-governmental agencies” (NGO’s) of all sizes to make the world a better place. We have partnered with: www.mercyministries.org to raise money for women in crisis, www.christmasinthenorthwest.com to raise money for children’s hospitals, with www.dallasjusticerevival.org to battle poverty, with www.northwestu.edu to train the next generation of music business leaders, and more. We have a long track record of working with many organizations and we can provide references upon request.

[line_heading] Artists Should Be Real and Accessible [/line_heading]and we select artists who are “the real deal” in their musical talent, in what they preach, and how they live. Hopefully when you experience our artists you’ll see the difference. They are true to who they are both on and offstage, they are excellent musically, and they care deeply about people.

[line_heading] Artists Work Best in Community  [/line_heading]and that’s how we started. We didn’t depend on “getting discovered” and you shouldn’t either. We found that connecting with like-minded people and building a community that loves each other was the way to get ahead. Our team is close-knit and we support each other. We want to work with artists that think the same way, rather than with artists who solely focus on “their own thing.”

[line_heading] Less Is More  [/line_heading] and so we are lean and mean. We don’t have office buildings, or teams of executives with exorbitant salaries. We have hungry people who want artists to win and use music to change lives.

[line_heading] The Way Things Were Does Not Work Anymore[/line_heading]The “music experts” of days past don’t know how anything works now. We don’t go down the same roads that are crowded. We look for new opportunities where they didn’t exist before. We don’t wait for the phone to ring to book a gig, we pick up the phone and call people. You will see us doing things that record labels don’t normally do, like partnering with charities, helping you raise money for a cause you care about. Or, you might find our artists in obscure places overseas touching people with music.

[line_heading] Technology Is Disruptive[/line_heading]Social networks and Internet streaming are creating new economies of scale so that entrenched parties can be bypassed, creating new possibilities for artists. We are pursuing all means of technology available to us to let music be heard.

[line_heading] We Like Connecting With Others[/line_heading]We started basically in a garage, just like many musicians. We discovered the power of networking with people, and forging on when people told us, “No.” So we want to know you and hear your story too. We’ll do our best to be in touch. Even if you follow us and we follow you back on Facebook or Twitter, know that we are genuinely interested in you as a fan, or as a fellow musician. Come meet us at a show, or interact with us on the social networks. We love it.