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“I’m not where I’m going but I’m far from home” seems to be more than just one of Benjiman’s lyrics; it epitomizes his journey. From the backwoods hometown of Lacomb, Oregon to the streets of Los Angeles, California, Benjiman has traveled far. Touring with bands Seventh Day Slumber, Pivitplex, Falling Up, Kutless, and more, Benjiman has proven his ability to creatively use rap to reach fans hungry for a positive alternative.

Fresh off his BEC Recordings release “Activate”, Benjiman shows his growth spiritually and musically on his sophmore release “S.K.R.I.P.T.” (Spreading Kingdom Realities In Perilous Times), on the Save the City Records label. With collaborations from the likes of Shawn Mcdonald and producer Brandon Bee, Benjiman continues to innovate and energize everyday-life-stories with an extraordinary fusion of R&B, rap, and rock.